A Basic Akaso V50 Review!

After seeing exactly what the Akaso V50 is able to do, we have decided to publish our Akaso V50 review after being inspired by the video above as well as this one that does a great job of covering the Akaso V50. Since its release onto the market, the V50 has surged in popularity gaining a massive share of the market due to its very low price tag and excellent levels of performance and functionality. This has managed to earn it one of the best reputations amongst all action cameras on the market right now and from what we can see, its popularity is only going to keep growing exponentially as more people hear about it and invest in it.

The V50 comes with a great little sensor that can capture photographs that are up to 20MP putting many of the competing action cams to shame. In addition to this, many of the competing entry-level action cameras say that they have a 20MP camera sensor but in reality, it performs very poorly, especially when in low light conditions.

Thankfully, for the Akaso V50, this is not an issue as its sensor performs excellently in low light ensuring that you are still able to capture yourself some excellent photographs of your trip. You are also able to adjust the angle of the sensor on the camera within a few seconds. This lets you customize its performance even further by allowing you to tweak how wide the photograph will be to suit your current situation.

Moving on to the video performance of the V50 and again it is excellent. The built in image stabilization technology keeps your video footage very smooth even if you are actually getting bounced around a ton during your sport of choice.

On top of this, the camera also boasts the following video footage resolution and frame rate combinations:-

  • 4K/60fps
  • 4K/30fps
  • 2.7K/60fps
  • 2.7K/30fps
  • 1080P/120fps
  • 720P/240fps

In our opinion at least, this is definatley one of the most complete ranges of video footage available that we have seen on an action camera in this price range to date. It ensures that you are able to change the video format that you are recording in to meet the requirements of your specific situation without issue.

This lets you capture footage in beautiful detail when needed while also allowing you to switch it up to a higher frame rate when required if you are doing something that is very fast paced. This will keep your footage smooth where your video frames essentially follow on from each other without skipping.

This is another feature that we feel the V50 does very well. There are a number of competing cameras on the market that allow you to get your frames per second over on hundred but they have their down sides when doing this. For example, your action cameras battery life may drain very quickly. When using the 720P resolution on the V50 with the 240 frames per second frame rate the cameras battery holds its own pretty good helping it hold its ground against some of the action cameras that cost more than double what the V50 does.