Best Gimbal For Sony RX100!

Today we are going to be going over a lesser known gimbal system that we feel deserves much more recognition that it is actually getting. We feel that it is without a doubt one of the best gimbals for Sony RX100 cameras on the market right now and think that it is only going to increase in popularity as the months go by. The gimbal that we will be featuring is the Feiyu a1000 that has seen some steady growth since its release and is slowly earning itself an excellent reputation too.

It is based around the popular handheld gimbal design of using three axis control system to provide all the image stabilisation that you could ever need without having to put undue stress on the gimbals motor system. This results in a very easy to use gimbal that can perform exceptionally well even if you have heavier cameras mounted on it.

That said, the Sony RX100 only comes in at 0.53 pounds making it one of the lightest popular cameras on the market today. This means that the Feiyu a1000’s maximum load capacity of 3.75 pounds is able to easily stabilise your RX100 without issue and ensure that your video footage is smooth and gets you the best possible image quality.

Jaki gimbal wybrać, jaki będzie najlepszy?

The battery life on the Feiyu a1000 comes in at only eight hours and you may be thinking that the majority of other gimbal systems on the market right now can provide around twelve hours of battery life. Now, this is totally true but what you have to remember is that some of these completing gimbal systems cost more than double what the Feiyu a1000 costs at the time of writing.

This makes the a1000 a very budget friendly gimbal system that allows you to get some great image stabilisation without you having to break the bank. As the Sony RX100 is considered to be an entry level mirrorless camera then it usually makes sense that most people will want to be picking up an entry level gimbal system to go with it to help keep costs as low as possible and this makes the a1000 perfect.

Due to the a1000’s upper load limit being much higher than that your RX100 will need, you can also rest assured that your gimbal is future proofed against the majority of popular camera upgrades for the RX100. This means that picking up the a1000 will ensure that you have a great little budget friendly gimbal system that will last you, your RX100, and any other camera that you may pick up in the future for many years to come.

Now the Feiyu a1000 has received a few criticisms over the years, mainly due to its smartphone app initially being a total pain to use and sync with the gimbal. Thankfully though, Feiyu have totally over hauled their smartphone app to bring it inline with their competing gimbal brands making it much easier to use now. Simply ensure that you update it to the latest version on either your iPhone or android phone and you shouldn’t have any issues at all.