How to find the Best Gimbal for Canon G7X Cameras!

With the gimbal’s popularity within the vlogging, videography and photography scenes, it is no surprise that it is overtaking tripods as it quickly scales it’s way up to supremacy,and I bet the question running through your mind now is how on earth are you going to choose which gimbal best suits your Canon G7X, but worry not, for I have you covered.

So popular have gimbals become that some brands have set themselves apart from the rest at the peak, with the likes of the Zhiyun Crane M Three-Axis, which is arguably the Holy Grail of gimbals setting the standards followed closely by the Zhiyun Crane V2 and the Feiyutech A1000.So fancy are these gimbals that every photographer dreams of one day owning one.


What am trying to say is not necessarily that you go for the aforementioned brands, no! They might actually drain your pocket! The thing is that you should choose wisely when it comes to what you really would love to take home. There are basically other gimbals out there which you would really like if you come across them, but there are a few criteria you should consider before settling down for the best one that suits your cannon G7X camera.

First of all, we all care about our pockets and therefore there is no need to break the bank for a gimbal. There are affordable gimbals out there which are of superb quality and you should never consider price as the only factor which will determine the quality of the gimbal. This does not necessarily mean that you go for the cheapest gimbal you lay your hands on, for cheap is expensive and you will surely get cheated of your money.


A standard gimbal should be small in size, something you can hold using one hand, and I actually recommend that it should be typical of a normal selfie stick! This quality will not only give it the desired weight but the fact that you can hold it using one hand will evade you the trouble of having to answer curious passers-by who would have come to ask what you are doing were you holding it using both hands.

Payload Supported

The best gimbal out there for a canon G7X user out there is the one that can work well with the weight of the Canon G7X.A typical gimbal for you would be one which can support the 0.76lbs of the camera and still be left with some payload that can comfortably support some of the accessories of your camera, which include the microphone and the strobes without compromising the battery life.


It is another essential factor you have to consider. You should go for something which can last between 8 to 10 hours for an average shooting session.

Before I take more of your time, I think I also need to inform you of the importance checking the stability of the gimbal before committing yourself to buy it, for it will surely be part of the quality of the shots and footages you will be shooting with your cannon G7X camera.

Choose wisely.