Our Truthful Godox TT350S Review – An Allround Great Little Camera Flash Unit!

Welcome to our Godox TT350S review that we have decided to publish as we feel that the Godox TT350S is an excellent little camera that will make a great addition to any photographer who uses a Sony cameras camera accessories. It is without a doubt one of the best flash units available at the time of writing due to its price point and the level of performance and functionality that it can provide you.

One thing that we would like to quickly point out is that there are multiple Godox TT350 variants available that are specifically designed for specific camera bodies. Always ensure that you get the variant will the “S” modifier after the number for your Sony camera. For example, get the Godox TT350S, not the Godox TT350N.

Flash Photography Lesson
One of the best upgrades that the Godox TT350S has received over previous Godox flash generations is its upgraded heat dispersion. This ensures that your flash unit will stay cool during use and not end up overheating. The various flash modes available from the flash unit also help it stand out from the entry-level, Sony camera compatible market too as it has a similar feature list too much more expensive flashes.

The full 2.4G wireless transmission compatibility also ensures that you can use the flash remotely with a massive number of devices too. Although the number of flash activations that you will be able to get out of your Godox TT350S will change depending on your flash unit settings as well as the batteries that you use in the flash. That said, reports tend to suggest you should be able to get between one hundred and fifty and two hundred and fifty flash activations per fully charged set of batteries.

Although we would expect a professional photographer with paying clients to be using higher price point flash units, there are a number of reports of people effectively downgrading the flash that they use for location-based photography. This makes sense from the business point of view as it lets you reduce the chances of your higher price tag flash unit breaking when out and about doing location based photography. In addition to this, if you do use something like the Godox TT350S for example then you can quickly and easily replace it without breaking the bank too if you do break it in transit or something.

At the end of the day, there is no arguing that the Godox TT350S is one of the best external flash units on the market right now for anyone who uses a Sony camera body. The flash and its low price tag become even more attractive if you are a student photographer or someone on a very strict budget and if you are lucky, you can sometimes further reduce the costs of the flash due to being able to pick it up second hand or refurbished.