Should You Invest In Ripples XRP Token?

With Ripples XRP token holding the third spot in the cryptocurrency market by market cap and occasionally beating out Ethereum for the second place spot, it is no surprise that we have seen so many people reaching out and asking about the token. With Bitcoin and Ethereum getting a fair bit of media coverage and XRP being left out, it seems that not many people who don’t actually own any XRP or a similar token know what it actually is.

Essentially, XRP is a digital cryptocurrency that is bridge currency for international banking. If you are familiar with what swift is then XRP is essentially trying to do the exact same thing but much quicker and with much lower fees. In addition to this, rather than the large international banks having to have a bunch of cash locked up in foreign accounts they just need to hold a bunch of XRP.

This benefits the banks by allowing them to put their money to work for them earning interest rather than having to lock tons of up it up in foreign currency. XRP benefits the bank’s customers by them being able to send money internationally much quicker and cheaper than they currently can too.

So… can XRP benefit you?

Well, at the time of writing, a single XRP costs less than 35 cents and no major banks are currently using Ripples X Rapid system although some have confirmed that they are testing it. Investing in the XRP token is essentially you betting on the international banks moving over from Ripples X Rapid system that does not need to use XRP to Ripples X Current system that does use XRP.

This will cause literally billions if not trillions of dollars of money to flip into XRP massively increasing the cost of it. Although we are not really fans of putting out price predictions, we have added a video below from an independent source who offers their opinion of what a single XRP token will be worth if the major banks do start using it.