Some Of The Absolute Best Substrate For Corn Snakes Available!

So in this article, we are going to be going over the Zoo Med Forest Floor Bedding substrate as we feel it is easily the best substrate for corn snakes currently available on the market right now and without a doubt has one of the best reputations within the corn snake owning community. In addition to this, it has also proven very popular amongst people who own other types of snakes, lizards, spiders, and many other types of pets.

Now, many people always get hung up on what to look for in a good substrate for corn snakes but in our opinion, the best way to choose your substrate is to simply keep it as basic as possible. To this end, we have three rules that we always look for in our corn snake substrate and these are:-

  1. It has to be totally organic.
  2. It has to be easy to clean.
  3. It has to be readily available and cost-effective.

Thankfully, the Zoo Med Forest Floor Bedding meeds all three of these factors and we believe that this is why it has proven to be such a hit with the community over the years. We will now be taking a look at each of these factors in a little more detail.

Jasper Co. Corn Snake

Using A Totally Organic Substrate

If you have been keeping snakes for more than a decade then you may remember the substrate scare back in 2008 where many popular substrates had been contaminated in their production factory in China before being shipped to Europe and North America. Although the chances of any actual harm happening to your pet was minimal, the vast majority of the pet-owning community simply refused to take the risk and purchased competing substrate brands.

Although unfortunately, this event ended up highlighting a ton of issues with the types of popular substrate that people were using for their pets back then and it has helped us evolve as a community to become better informed. We choose to always go with an organic substrate that is totally free from chemicals as it reduces the potential risk to our snakes while also removing the risk of accidental chemical contamination from other substances during production.

As Zoo Med Forest Floor Bedding is made from nothing but cypress mulch, it meets this criterion and actually lasts a fair amount of time once the bag is opened.

Corn Snake- Pantherophis guttatus

It Must Be Easy To Clean

Be it waste from your snake, remains of its food or just general mess, your substrate of choice is going to end up needing some maintenance no matter what you try to do. Thankfully, this is actually pretty easy with cypress mulch as you can quickly and easily spot clean it as required without issue. If your snakes home needs topping up after cleaning then you are able to easily add additional substrate to the existing cypress mulch without issue too.

It Must Be Cost Efficient And Readily Available

Although there are some excellent substrates on the market that are perfect for corn snakes, they can cost an absolute fortune sometimes coming in at seven to ten times the price of Zoo Med Forest Floor Bedding without really doing much extra. Zoo Med does an excellent job of producting an excellent substrate while also keeping the price tag as low as possible for you. On top of this, as they have built such a strong brand with an excellent reputation all over the world, their products are easy to source too allowing you to simply stick to the Zoo Med Forest Floor Bedding without having to totally change the substrate you use every few weeks or months.

Corn Snake

Final Thoughts

We hope that we have managed to get our point across and show why we feel that Zoo Med Forest Floor Bedding is a solid choice to use as a bedding for your corn snake. It is cheap, easy to use, quick to clean, and does an excellent job. We would highly recommend that anyone who owns a pet corn snake at least considers using it or a similar quality cypress mulch substrate for their snakes.