Vivitar DVR917HD Review – Is This Action Camera Really A Waste Of Your Time?

After seeing a number of other blogs post their Vivitar DVR917HD reviews recently, we have decided to publish our own review of this entry-level action camera to share our thoughts with our readers. Although the DVR917HD is listed as having full 4K video recording capabilities with 4640 x 3480 resolution and a 16MP camera sensor for photographs, the image quality that the camera actually provides seems to be much lower in our opinion.

Although Vivitar was one a brand to be reckoned with, over the last decade or so, their products really have fallen in quality giving their competitors a chance to pull out ahead and take their market share in the entry-level action camera niche. This is true in the case of the Vivitar DVR917HD too as the Akaso v50 and the Campark Act74 just outperform the camera in every single way possible.

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The 2-inch color LCD display on the Vivitar DVR917HD review is also poor quality too making it difficult to accurately see what you are recording with the action cam when is use further adding to its problems. In addition to this, the control system on the camera can also struggle if your fingers are cold or wet too.

All of this just keeps having a knock-on effect for the camera making it a total waste of money in our opinion when there are a large number of other cameras available that outperform it in every single way possible.

We know that there are many people out there who simply can’t afford to pick up the latest and greatest GoPro camera and choose to pick up an entry-level model instead as they tend to be much more budget friendly. That said though, the days of an entry-level camera being sub-standard with poor quality are gone and leaving the Vivitar DVR917HD as a legacy bit of kit that is better off forgotten.