Why We Love The Lilly Drinkwell Story On Hollyoaks!

We are so happy that mental health issues are becoming socially acceptable to talk about in the open and we just wanted to publish this article going over the recent storyline in Hollyoaks about Lilly Drinkwell and her self-harming problems. Lauren McQueen who plays Lilly had put on such a great performance that she has actually be nominated for best actress for the role.

Now, Lillies self-harming issues have been going on for about a year now and we feel that Hollyoaks have done an excellent job of showing the effects that it can have on both the person with the mental health issues as well as their families. They did an excellent job of showing how much a family can try their best to help but unless a professional is brought in for assistance, it can all be for nothing.



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Although we feel that the love triangle storyline Lilly was involved in was a little much, we feel that Hollyoaks did a great job showing how two people can be in love with you and it still be no help with dealing with your mental health. On the flipside of this, Lillis character was an intelligent young woman who was training to become a doctor so it also shows how this type of stuff can affect anyone no matter their walk of life!

We know that there are a ton of story lines across a bunch of movies and TV shows that cover mental health but we just wanted to share this particular one as we felt that they did an excellent job with it. If you are suffering from any mental health problems we would highly recommend that you get help as soon as possible.