Will Warcraft Classic Be Worth The Wait?

With World Of Warcraft Classic just going into internal alpha testing, we have decided to publish this post to share our opinions on if we feel that this highly anticipated game will be worth the wait. If you are in your mid Twenties or over and a part of the gaming community then there is a decent chance of you having heard of or played World Of Warcraft at some stage of your gaming career.

Although the vast majority of people who have ever played World Of Warcraft have felt that as more expansions are released for the game, the over all quality and fun level the game provides goes down, it still has a pretty healthy player base at the time of writing although it is falling each month.

Blizzard have seemingly lost their way since their merger with Activision about a decade back with the overall quality of their new games falling drastically. Due to this, Blizzard has decided to essentially roll back to their hard hitters and make remakes of their main hits. World Of Warcraft Classic has a large number of people excited while it also has another ton of people worried that it will actually end up ruining the game.

Blizzcon – Official World of Warcraft Art // Illidan Stormrage
Although very little information is currently publically available as to what the game will be like, the little bits of information that we do know in the video at the top of this article do lead us to believe that the game will be a hit.  Not only does it have the nostalgia crowd wanting to play it but it also has a bunch of people from the live World Of Warcraft community also wanting to play it.

Although we feel a bunch of the people from live World Of Warcraft who are used to a much easier game where you are essentially provided with welfare epics just for logging in will not be large fans of WoWC we do think that it will have enough players to keep the game going.

The harder game in general is something the gaming community in the western world lacks these days as games have become easier and easier over the years to help meet peoples needs for instant gratification. Both the old school raiding and PvP systems were brutal compared to what the game has now requiring and absolute ton of time and effort to get involved in.

On top of this, each of the classes in the game were distinctly different too rather than essentially being reskins of each other that all share the same abilities just with different names like on live. We really can’t wait to try WoWC and cant wait to see how the larger gaming community react to it.